Monday 31 December 2012

My Wainwright Blog

I started operating portable amateur radio equipment from the tops of Wainwright's Lake District Fells in March 2009. This Blog covers the days spent walking and operating from Summits.  I completed climbing all 214 Wainwright Fells in July 2011 having made amateur radio contacts from them all with a 2 metre VHF handheld radio and vertical "rucksack special" antenna.  In total I completed 1882 contacts from the 214 Wainwrights and have continued climbing and activating them since whenever I can. In early 2012 I climbed and activated all AW's 116 Outlying Fells for Wainwrights On The Air

Celebrating climbing my final Wainwright Fell on Rossett Pike - July 2012
My blog provides a constructive description and route map of all the routes taken, the distances walked, and the amount of ascent on each walk. This I hope will assist future activators and fell walkers. I have also detailed parking places, hostelries and tea shops visited and details of the friends and family that I have walked with. These include my wife Judy, terrier dog Treacle and friends Geoff Fielding (M0PYG), Nick Langmead (G4OOE) and Geoff Harper (G4WHA).  I have on occasion climbed and activated summits whilst leading walks with my walking club Ryedale Walking Group and thank those members for their forbearance!
Most importantly I also want to thank the originator of the Wainwrights On The Air  scheme the late Julian Moss (G4ILO SK) who lives in Cockermouth.
If you wish to view my photos in a larger window then you need to click on the photo and this to open up a slideshow of the pictures on that specific days blog.  Also of you click on any of the 214 fells listed on the right margin of the blog it will take take you to the specific day when that fell was bagged. 
If you are interested in Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk see my other blog or if you are just interested in what else I have doing apart from Wainwright's see my Catterblog

Best wishes


  1. Great idea for a blog, Phil. I look forward to following your exploits, seeing your photos and hopefully making some contacts with you as you progress towards the ultimate goal. It was good to meet up with you finally on Sunday too.

  2. Thank for coming on here Julian, and yes I was very pleased to meet up at Blackpool and wished we could have had time for a longer natter.

    I think the WOTA scheme you conceived is brilliant. It came just as I was becoming interesting in Alfred Wainwright and doing more walking in the Lake District. I'm sure as time goes by more radio hams interested in Summits On The Air will pick up on Wainwrights On The Air. I'm sure WOTA has a great future and I will be interested to hear of any future developments regarding its administration. Meantime, we will keep bagging the fells and operating from the tops.

    73 Phil