Sunday 8 May 2011

Walk 51
9.25m / 2200' ascent
Time Taken 5 hrs 45 mins

189. LDW-152 Blea Rigg1775'
190. LDW-150 Tarn Crag 1804'

Route taken on 8th May 2011 by Phil G4OBK, Judy (XYL) and friend Geoff

We met up with Geoff on one day one of a short break and parked at the lay-by on the A591 at NY 342076.   We started walking at 12.15 pm and headed up the Easedale Road to Easedale Tarn.  

On the path to Blea Rigg LDW-152 for Wainwrights On The Air 

After a gradual ascent up the tarn another 800 feet was gained in 45 minutes to place us on the summit of Blea Rigg LDW-152.  

On our walk up to the summit we had en-route contacts with several other WOTA activators who were on the fells that day including M1MPB, G4WHA, 2R0XSD, 2E0MIX and G1OPV.  I made 10 contacts on 2m FM from the summit, the total being boosted by the other activators on fells within VHF range.

Phil G4OBK, XYL Judy and friend Geoff at the Bridge below Tarn Crag LDW-150

The airwaves around Grasmere remained full of WOTA stations as we then proceeded on to our final summit of Tarn Crag LDW-150. This involved a with a 270ft descent and re-ascent.  A 40 minute stay produced 16 contacts which included 5 summit to summit contacts. 

We left the summit at 1624 hrs reaching Grasmere 90 minutes later. 

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